From a simple corporate presence to an international online store, a Graphic Options solution is designed to provide real, tangible benefits to your business whilst offering a level of functionality that ensures that a visit to your site is a rewarding experience.

For a summary of just a few of our services to both end-users and web design companies please follow the links below.


Graphic Options can develop a web site for your business for just a few hundred pounds yet the real benefit is not in the price, but in the future-proofing. You may only require a version of your printed brochure online now, but what if you want to add a database-driven product catalogue in the future? No problem. With all our systems developed in-house it is simple to build on the firm foundations offered by one of our web sites. And what if one day you want to expand still further, by adding e-commerce to your online catalogue? Again, adding our e-commerce component to your site is not only incredibly quick, it is almost certainly going to save you money over rebuilding your site from scratch using a third party product. Your regular visitors, too, will appreciate a site that remains consistent and yet evolves to embrace new technologies and capabilities.

Many companies can build you a web site, but Graphic Options will engineer you a site that will grow along with your business and ideas.

Unlike many companies offering internet systems Graphic Options is a true software house. This means we are not restricted to the level of functionality offered by off-the-shelf solutions like the majority of our competitors, but are able to provide genuinely bespoke systems developed in-house. For example, our e-commerce solution was developed 100% in-house, so if you want more product information fields, if you calculate your delivery charges differently, or if maybe you have a unique discount and loyalty scheme, for Graphic Options that is not a problem. In addition, because our solutions are our own you avoid the costly licence fees which make up such a large part of the off-the-shelf solutions.

Although most web sites provide information in one form or another, more often than not it is presented, without restriction, as a static document. While this may be satisfactory for short textual articles or lists such as FAQs, it falls somewhat short of the requirements of most businesses. At Graphic Options we believe the field of information sharing goes far beyond the static presentation of textual data.

The first issue when planning to provide public access to your data is that of security. Who is your intended audience? Personnel teams? All personnel? Customers? Suppliers? Contractors? By implementing user or group security Graphic Options can ensure that your data is only available to those people you intend it to be.

After security your next consideration should be the method of locating the desired information. We can provide all manner of interfaces to assist in rapid data retrieval, from simple content searching through to classification, author, document size or creation date. Having your information available is of no use unless your audience can locate it quickly and easily.

Here are just a few examples of the ways in which Graphic Options has empowered users through the provision of effective information sharing interfaces:-

  • Searchable database-driven product catalogues
  • Geographically filtered company and product news databases
  • Queryable document repositories with downloadable documents such as specifications, standards and operating guides
  • Expert systems providing technical solutions or product recommendations based on the visitor's individual requirements or circumstances

In addition to providing information, most web sites also benefit from the ability to collect information. From gathering feedback from your customers, both existing and prospective, to providing a method for submitting data to your employees in the field, data collection is an important part of your web sites functionality. See the list below for some examples of data collection application:-

  • Visitor feedback on your site, services and products
  • Fault reporting
  • Literature requests
  • Mailing list registration
  • Submission of corporate data from field engineers
  • Order placement

As an internet development company with the ability to take almost any internet project from an innovative idea through to a highly branded live site, we are always happy to discuss with clients the option of significantly subsidising the development costs of the project for an interest in the overall venture. In this way, an individual with a great idea is not prevented from turning their idea into reality simply by prohibitive development costs. By way of reassurance we are happy to sign any confidentiality agreements a prospective client may require in order to confirm that we will not proceed to develop your idea or discuss it with others should you decide not to enter an agreement with us.