Graphic Options began trading in 1988 as a software house developing sales forecasting, analysis and reporting software for the fledgling PC market. Since then we have delivered all manner of bespoke software solutions from embedded machine control software to electronic data capture and reporting systems.

Since 1997 Graphic Options have been working to develop custom software for the internet, working on simple internet presence sites through to complex expert systems and e-commerce systems.

Throughout this time, however, we have not lost site of the fact that our strengths lie not in graphic design or page layout, but in software engineering. We are happy to leave the aesthetics of the site to others, allowing us to concentrate fully on providing rich functionality, with a strong emphasis on system reliability and usability. Despite the relative youth of the internet, we strongly believe the old-fashioned principles of good design and sound engineering are the keys to success.

Our priority is the clear, concise presentation and collection of data with the maximum efficiency and the minimum of effort. To this end, our own web site has been designed to be fast loading, easy to navigate and above-all rich in content.